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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ride for the Cause with "Shady Lady"

By Christine Ferrucci

The Calvanese Therapeutic Learning Foundation was organized in 2004 by Christine Calvanese-Ferrucci as a not for profit entity. Because of the kind, loving support from the late attorney Robert Wetmore, we were able to help many children in Central & Eastern Connecticut as well as New Haven County. For many years we sponsored events and raised money which helped many kids receive therapeutic horseback riding. We are better known as Ride for the Cause...our fundraising logo inspired by Robert. We had the esteemed pleasure of meeting this attorney who quickly took to the concept of helping children through equine therapy. Robert, a Shriner for many years, already had a philanthropic, kind soul. We will always remember Robert for teaching us how to trust and persevere toward our goals

In 2010 Ride for the Cause raised money to purchase an Equicizer we named Shady Lady, the namesake of our founder's first horse. Christine personally endorses horseback riding and the Equicizer. She knows that horseback riding helped balance her own attention deficit. We are best known for using Shady Lady to provide a better understanding on how children benefit from movement, learning and creativity.
It is rewarding working with individuals having the knowledge that horseback riding can be fun and motivating while people can work toward peak performance and overall well being. The members of The Calvanese Therapeutic Learning Foundation personally endorse the Equicizer and love having it in our program as it’s cost effective, less liability and can be used in a controlled setting.

We often provide traditional therapy modalities; however, tandem riding has shown to be beneficial for children who would initially have difficulty on their own. Shady Lady has helped many kids in a similar way benefit from a riding simulation. Both Alex and Tori can now ride independently.

We currently strive to form relationships with schools, riding centers and therapeutic environments throughout Connecticut. We also work with communities by creating opportunities and advocating for kids, making recommendations and referrals. We especially endorse social curriculum programs. Our organization will continue its mission to bridge the gap for all children to thrive in their school environment.

You can learn more about The Calvanese Therapeutic Learning Foundation by emailing Christine at

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Love Equicizer

For Valentines Day...

We are hosting a quick and fun contest to celebrate our (and your!) LOVE for the Equicizer! 

We are excited to announce the newest Equicizer/Wooden Horse Wednesday Contest - a photo contest! 

Here in the Wooden Horse Corp office, nothing brings a smile to our face quite like seeing  and hearing of your success stories and fun with Equicizer. Follow these steps and you could win!

1. Take the photo.

2. Write a sentence or two on why you LOVE the Equicizer.

3. Submit your photo and description to

4. Share the contest information on some form of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). You can share the blog or share our social media posts.

5. Check back to the Equicizer Facebook page on Monday, February 13th and vote! Voting ends at noon EST on Tuesday. Encourage your friends to visit our page and show some LOVE.

The winner will receive recognition and an Equicizer t-shirt! We can't wait to see what you will come up with!                                                                                   
Keep in mind these photos will be published on the public Equicizer page and the winner will be posted across our social media platforms.                                                                                                                                  
Questions can be commented below or sent to!