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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Equicizer for Western Disciplines

The Equicizer is widely useful for training across the entire scope of western disciplines. From roping to barrel racing, the Equicizer provides an opportunity to learn new skills, practice difficult movements, and of course develop and maintain the exceptional level of fitness required by Western events. Riders and trainers such as Steve Lantvit, Ed Dabney, Craig Cameron, Stacy Westfall, and Tommy Garland all use and love the Equicizer.

One notable way the Equicizer is useful to western riders is the equivalent to how it is useful to riders of every discipline. The Equicizer can be ridden any time of day as it works with your schedule; it can be ridden inside where extreme cold or heat is insignificant; and it can be ridden for unlimited hours each day by riders of any skill level. There is no boundary to the benefits the Equicizer can provide at a training facility or in an individual’s home. If, God forbid, your horse becomes injured and needs time off, you can stay in optimum shape by riding out their stall rest on an Equicizer. Western riders can use the Equicizer to develop a strong core seat along with softer hands and back.

For pleasure and horsemanship competitors, the Equicizer allows a rider to perfect the way they ride the lope. You have the chance to make tweaks in your position and posture while building strength and stamina. The instructor can critique your position and even manually maneuver you to show where your form is off (for example- leaning too far left or right). You don’t have to be preoccupied with steering or training the horse underneath you, but rather can focus entirely on how your riding can be more effective.

Perhaps one of the most exciting Western disciplines to practice on the Equicizer is roping! Roping is a difficult task to do with both feet firmly planted on the ground let alone while riding and controlling a running horse! The Equicizer provides an intermediate situation where one can practice their roping skills while incorporating the movement of a horse yet not having to worry about where that horse’s feet are taking you. Similarly, mounted shooting is another discipline that requires a lot of skill practice that you might want to do without a live horse for a while before mixing in the steering and reactions that come with riding. If you are new to mounted shooting, you can use the Equicizer to perfect your position and technique while mounted, then move up to adding in motion, and eventually you will be ready to do it with your equine partner.

Riders of other disciplines, such as barrel racing, western pleasure, and western riding, will find that riding the Equicizer regularly will dramatically improve their seat and overall fitness level. By using the Equicizer as a complementary tool to their riding regimen, riders will find themselves reaching new levels in what seems like no time. This tool create a whole new dynamic between trainer and rider during lessons where the trainer has the opportunity to really see you from all sides and help you to be the most effective rider you can be.

Are you a Western Rider who has benefited from the Equicizer? We would love to hear from you about your experience in the comments below or at

By Amanda Chicotel

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