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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Equicizer Poll Contest Announcement

This week on Wooden Horse Wednesday, we are excited to announce a Poll Contest we are hosting on social media. We are interested in your feedback because we want this blog and all our social media to reflect your interests related to the Equicizer. The contest part of this is simple: in exchange for your feedback and sharing our poll, you are given one entry to win a prize!

Please accept our apologies for the technical difficulties last week. We now have all the wrinkles ironed out!

The Prize

What is the prize? A mug featuring art (Spring Creek Run) by internationally-renowned artist, Chris Cummings. Can you picture yourself enjoying a cup of hot cocoa while reading up on Wooden Horse Wednesday's latest blog? We can!

The Poll

The question is very simple: what do you want to read more about when it comes to the Equicizer? Do you want to know more about how it can be beneficial to English discipline riders? Western? Maybe you want to know more about how the Equicizer is used for therapy or in horse racing. We included the "other" option as well for the wide range of other topics you might be interested in reading more about.

Tell us more!

Once you answer the poll, feel free to expound on your answers in the comments here or on our Facebook. Please share the poll with your friends and family. The winner will be announced in seven days and is randomly chosen. You must provide a valid contact email or phone number to be entered in the drawing.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for our next blog post in two weeks! Also, we look forward to having more contests in the future. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to make sure you don't miss out!

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  1. Through my eyes, the fact that nearly all of the Kentucky Derby winning riders over the past 25 years have owned an Equicizer is a remarkable endorsement. I've enjoyed hearing stories and seeing pictures of professional jockeys using Equicizers, so that is my selection -- Maybe some firsthand accounts from jockeys pertaining to their Equicizer usage and how it has contributed to their regimen of strengthening, training, or rehab.

  2. Ride western and starting Cowboy Dressage. Ride a gaited horse (Paso) and curious if way to simulate gait on equicizer. Ride my equicizer a lot and definately can simulate the 4 beat standard gaits.

    Keep up the good work with the excercize routines as well.

    1. We wanted to share with you the response of a dear friend and supporter of the Equicizer, who is also a Paso Fino owner. These are her educated thoughts on how to simulate the Paso's gait on the Equicizer (we are so glad you are enjoying our equestrian exercises!):

      Just wanted to take a moment to pitch in with my perspective as a Paso Fino owner. Thought you may find this useful, or maybe you already know this information. Paso Finos are like ten-speed bikes – They have a lot of different gears! Plus, the way one Paso Fino moves may be different from another.

      The person who wrote the question indicated he/she is already familiar with getting the Equicizer to mimic the standard four-beat gait (a walking footfall pattern), so that’s good. If he/she is familiar with getting it to mimic a standard trotting action, that’s even better.

      A classic Paso Fino horse performs the perfectly smooth four-beat footfall pattern at various speeds. It is smooth – little or no vertical movement. More likely, the person who wrote the question is riding a Paso Fino that performs the gait called ‘trote’ (or trote largo, at the higher speed). Personally, I like this gait because it feels somewhat like a very smooth jog or trot in other breeds (as it has some degree of vertical action), although you can actually hear and feel the four beats: 1-2 / 3-4 rather than a perfectly even 1-2-3-4. The way I urge my horse forward in this gait, to pick up his action or move into a trote largo, is essentially to do a posting motion without rising out of the saddle. (Some people might think of posting as an up-and-down action, but actually it’s more like a back-and-forth swing.) So, on an Equicizer, from my perspective that’s the type of motion the rider would keep in mind, sort of a non-rising post. Of course, it would be at a faster rate than a posting action performed on other breeds, because the Paso Fino has a quicker stepping action. People who watch my horse in action say he looks as though he’s moving in fast-motion (or, by contrast, that he makes the horses of other breeds appear to be moving in slow-motion!).

  3. As a child I loved my spring powered rocking horse. I actually wore out the first set of springs on the horse and Mom and Dad bought another set. It was a very pretty plastic horse too. I know I would use the equicizer for exercise.

  4. For me it would be for exercise and (as stupid as it may sound) so I can pretend I'm a jockey.