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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"Behind the - Behind the Scenes"

The process of building an Equicizer is a seemingly never ending one - in a series of blogs last year, we detailed the Making of the Equicizer itself but behind each part and piece in the building and assembly operation, is another entire process, a sort of “Behind the – Behind the Scenes” if you like. We recently took a series of photos for a customer, detailing the process of putting her Equicizers’ heads together before carving takes place – believe it or not, there’s even a process behind the blocks of wood that you’ve probably seen in photos, prior to being carved! We thought this would be a great opportunity to share with you portions of this process.

The Equicizer heads are put together using premium select pine board from New Zealand. This premium board offers the consistency and quality needed to glue the wood pieces together to form the solid block of wood that will later be carved. This is a critical process to preventing the head itself from warping or splitting after it’s finished and attached to the Equicizer; it’s similar to how carousel horses are created. Click on the photos below to view them:


 Let us know what YOU would like to see next!
by Kayla Jarvinen

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