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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Healing Horses Singapore is Healing Children - Part 2

Last week we introduced you to Chithra Rogers and her ground breaking program - Healing Horses Singapore. In Part 2 of our feature on Healing Horses Singapore, we'd like to show you how Chithra is using the Equicizer in her program and how it is changing lives. (Click here to read Healing Horses Singapore is Healing Children - Part 1)
Chithra strongly believes that the earlier children can begin therapy, the more beneficial it will be for them and the more positive the outcome in reaching them successfully. In Singapore, the starting age for children to begin horseback riding as a form of therapy is limited to 6 years and older, so Chithra began work on another project as she continues to wait for land purchase approval. After discovering the Equicizer, she decided to open up a multi-sensory play center under the Healing Horses Singapore program.
“The Equicizer is the main tool used in my indoor therapeutic horse riding program through my organization called Healing Horses Singapore,” Chithra says. “Each child gets a 45 minute session atop the Equicizer. Anything I used to do using actual horses, I can still carry out on my Equicizer and it’s very safe!”
Healing Horses Singapore, a privately owned not-for-profit organization mainly focusing on early intervention for young children, is now Singapore’s first indoor therapeutic horse riding training organization catering to children with special needs up to teenagers, using the Equicizer as the primary tool.
“My students love the Equicizer as it looks exactly like a life size horse with a realistic feeling mane and tail. Some of the kids enjoy grooming it after their session. I create little tasks for those kids who have just begun to take their first few strides with the Equicizer. I have kids flying over to Singapore for their sessions. It's amazing.”
Due to the difficulty in getting land approved in Singapore and the age restrictions for beginning therapy on real horses, the Equicizer is a key part of Chithra’s mission. With the Equicizer, Chithra is able to service students much younger than she otherwise would be able to and she is already building up a strong clientele of students, who come for sessions on the Equicizer, and are seeing incredible results in a very short span of time.
Looking to the future, Chithra says, “I would love to branch out Healing Horses throughout Asia as we've been approached by many neighboring countries to start up branches there. When time permits, we would definitely love to so.”
We are very proud of the work that Chithra is doing and look forward to following her progress with the Equicizer through the development of Healing Horses Singapore.
Check out their facebook page for updates and visit their website for more information!

by Kayla Jarvinen

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