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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Jennifer's Journey with "Mags"

This week we'd like to share with you a beautiful testimonial we received from a dear customer who recently purchased an Equicizer. This is a great testament to the Equicizer's ability to help those dealing with physical challenges of many different kinds!

By Jennifer Warren

I received my new Equicizer "Mags " on Tuesday July 12th, 2016.  She arrived in a big 18 wheeler truck. She was all packaged nice and neat in a HUGE box.  I put her together myself following the easy directions I printed from the website after watching the setup video.   I am extremely impressed with the  high quality of the Equicizer.  It is built on very heavy duty frame and wheels.  The detail work on my Classic Equicizer is awesome.  The beautifully carved head, the ears, the mane and tail -all just very well done.  I know it will last me years of use.

Let me explain why I ordered the Equicizer.  I grew up a horse crazy girl who loved to ride and show.  Between a fall from the roof of my house and several horse wrecks I suffer from two bulging disks, bad hips and bad knees.  The past six years I exhausted medical, physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic options.  Nothing helped my pain.  Worse than the pain was the inability to do what I loved and that was ride my horse.  And it was not just any horse, it was my dream horse I purchased before the death of my father.  Every time I tried to mount her, my hip would lock up and I would be unable to move.  The pain was excruciating.  I would have to just stay stuck until my hip unlocked and I could get my leg all the way over.  It would then take several minutes before the pain would subside enough so I could let my horse move.  I finally just quit trying to ride because of the pain.

About five years ago I heard about the Equicizer and started corresponding with Frankie about my situation and asked if he thought it could help me.  I received a lot of information from him on the Equicizer over the past five years.  This was something I really wanted to try but it was a lot of money for me.  I kept watching the website and reading testimonial after testimonial of those the Equicizer had helped.  I was especially intrigued by its use in the therapeutic riding programs.  I really wanted to try one out before I committed to the purchase, but I decided that I was willing to give it a shot based on all the positive reviews.

 My first ride I outfitted Mags with a new saddle blanket and soft cashel saddle.  I brought in my step to have help mounting Mags.  The first attempt to get on her was as I expected - ugly.  My hips were very tight and it was as painful as I expected to get on.  When I got seated in the saddle I noticed how lifelike the Equicizer felt.  You have the same feeling as sitting on the back of your horse.  Making Mags move was not as easy as I expected.  I know a lot of that was due to my physical issues.  My first ride was only about 10 minutes because that is all my hips could take.  I got back on and rode another 10 minutes later.  The movement of the horse is so real down to the head motion.

The next morning after my first day with Mags I woke up for the first time in over six years WITHOUT back pain.  That was from one day of riding the Equicizer 20 minutes.  I know that watching the video on the website by Dr. James Warson on using the Equicizer to treat osteoporosis I hoped for the same outcome with my 2 bulging discs.  Today is Friday August 12, 2016 and I am so excited to report that I have not had ANY back pain since the morning of Tuesday July 12 before I rode Mags the first time.   None.   I am riding once or twice a day and am now up to 25 minutes a session.  My hips issues are improving both mounting and while riding.  I still have discomfort but I am making progress every day.

I have scoliosis and noticed that I have become more aware of my center while riding Mags.  I feel that it is building my muscle memory on my weak right side to make me more balanced in the saddle. I have always leaned toward my weak side while riding.

While a friend was here I mounted my real horse for the first time in a long time and my hip did not lock up on me.

I wanted to tell my story to those who may be contemplating if the Equicizer could be the answer for them.  Don't be afraid to place the order.  The Equicizer is everything the website says and much more.  Mags is changing my life.  To be free of back pain is huge.  But more so to know that I will soon be back riding my horse, that is priceless.  Frankie really is making my dreams come true.

If you or someone you work with has a personal story or testament with the Equicizer and would like to share it, please send us a message at or give us a call, 419-663-1472.

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